Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This is My Tunnel

What is this blog? Is this my electronic journal? I have hopes of it being my tunnel. Yes, tunnel. I often imagine tunnels leading to make-believe lands, or at least forgotten ones. Anyway, they always lead somewhere, and I want my entries or posts or whatever they're really called to lead somewhere for someone. I tried to rehearse what I was going to write, but truth be told, I end up sounding like I'm trying too hard. So furthering my explanation of "tunnel" is that I need to be led somewhere. Badly.

So, here is my start in blog world.I hope my existence here isn't short-lived, and I also hope this tunnel contains more than surface subjects. I'll try my hardest to keep ya'll interested while I do the same for myself.

I've decided to include a (short) list of goals for myself as sort of my introduction. Since this is my blog, it should grow with me, should it not? It also might just keep me on track... :)

I need to learn to love a whole lot more. I am way too quick to get irritated. I want to love the way God loves me; I want to be real.

I would like to reiterate the term "living hope" in my day to day life, because, after all, hope is coming for me and for all of us.

Finally, take more pictures like this in my life. Ones where I don't have the slightest care of how I look, I only care about the moment. Deep, I know, but I want to make more memories about laughter than outfits and make-up... despite my love for both.

Like I said, a short list to get me going. I'm not sure how often   I'll post, but expect something different every time.